Why You Should Never Do Your Own Electrical Work

So, you need to install a new hanging lamp in your dining room. This involves connecting wires to your existing electrical framework, adding a switch, and installing the lamp. You’ve done electrical work during your science class and passed a project where you connected a battery to a bulb with a switch and it worked. It’s basically the same, right? Wrong. You should hire a residential electrician, or better yet, a commercial electrician Brisbane residents contact.

There are many good reasons why you should never do your own electrical work, unless you are a licensed electrician yourself. Here are some of the reasons why this practice is frowned upon:

  • You can cause a fire – You don’t want to see your home go up in flames just because you are trying to save a few dollars by installing your own electricals yourself. Hiring a professional for electrical needs will help prevent short circuits and other similar problems that can spark a flame in your home.
  • You can electrocute yourself – Your body is composed mostly of water, which means it is a great conductor of electricity. One wrong move may cause you serious injury, or worse, your demise. Hiring a licensed electrician in Brisbane to help you with your electrical installation needs will prevent such a thing from happening.
  • You can jeopardize your home’s insurance – If something happens to your home because of some electrical installation that you did on your own and it is discovered that your house burned down because of it, you stand to lose any claims you have on your home insurance because of this.
  • It is against the law – Did you know that failing to hire a licensed electrician and doing your own wiring yourself is actually a crime? Any residential or commercial electrician Brisbane homes or businesses hire is licensed to do this job and you are not. You may find yourself fined thousands of dollars for doing DIY electrical work on your home. You might even land yourself in jail if you hurt someone because of this illegal work.

Other Reasons for Hiring a Professional Electrician

There are many other reasons why hiring one of the many licensed electricians in Brisbane is the best recourse for you when you need electrical work to be done for your home or office. These reasons include:

  • They do the job right – There is no guesswork when professionals do the job for you. They do the job right the first time and you rest assured that no harm will come to you or your property when they are done.
  • They do the job fast – Since these are professionals who have a license for this job, you can be sure that they will be able to finish the task faster than you ever could.
  • They can test your home for problems – These electricians can also tag and test Brisbane homes and businesses for faulty connections or old ones that need to be replaced for your safety.

Whatever electrical work you need to do, hiring a commercial electrician Brisbane homes or offices contact for such a need should always be considered. One such company that can provide you with licensed electricians for whatever electrical needs you may have is Dawson Electric. They offer residential, commercial, and industrial electrical installation services and even air conditioning installation services. To get the electrical help you need for your home or business, visit their site at https://www.dawsonelectric.com.au/commercial-electrical-services-brisbane/