What to Consider in Booklet Printing

Booklet printing Gold Coast companies may not be hard to find, but the search for high quality and stress-free book printing can be a challenge.

Some of the cheap booklet printing Gold Coast offer different types of bound such as the following:

Booklet printing Gold coast

The Perfect Bound

This is the square bound with a lay flat spine. This is more common in textbook printing. One edge of the pages is ground to hold glue. It is then pressed on to the cover for it to form the square spine.

The Saddle Stitch

This is the most common type which is full color. Its pages are folded and stapled to come up with a spine. The saddle stitch booklet printing Gold Coast is designed for magazines and small booklets.

Coil Binding

This consists of punched holes within the margins of the page. You then insert the plastic coil to bind the pages. Coil bound booklets lay flat when they are opened wide. This is great for cookbooks and also menus.

You may also choose from a small and large size custom booklet printing services. Look for a printing company that has a digital capacity.

The type of book bind is only one main aspect to consider when looking for a cheap booklet printing service.

Here are more elements to keep in mind:

How Durable is the Cover Page?

Most cheap printing services will compromise the quality of the book’s cover page. Make sure that it is tough and the most durable part of the booklet.

Paper Quality

You also need to make sure that the paper quality of the booklet is high. This is the actual page that the readers must read. You have to check the sample booklet if you are satisfied with the paper used. It must not be too thin and you may also need to scrutinize the color. Don’t go for off-white papers.

Cut Alignment

A reliable Gold Coast booklet printing company will always ensure proper alignment for every page of the booklet.

Aside from these features of booklet printing, there are other things that you have to consider. You have to ask yourself: will it be advantageous to have a printed copy or just a soft copy?

Here are some pointers on the importance of having a printed copy:

The printed booklet is considered by a lot of people as more reliable than the downloaded version because it is tangible and more attention-grabbing for the readers. It is easier to secure the printed form since it has copyright. There are times when your readers will feel frustrated when they can’t download the soft copy of the booklet due to internet connection or some other glitches.

The booklet form is also perfect if you have other materials to offer as freebies like CDs and videotapes. There are also more fraudulent acts that are related to downloadable booklets compared to the printed ones.

There is a handful of firms that offer booklet printing in Gold Coast but make sure to choose the best. Visit http://inhouseprint.com.au to know more about high-quality but cheap booklet printing.