Welcome to Mulberrystreetonline

We have an incredible team working on our furniture and in some cases performing near miracles to restore it. We do careful assessments to determine what structural and cosmetic repairs are needed, if any. Generally, we remove armrests to be sure that the entire piece is primed and coated and then reattach them with new stainless steel hardware. We take each piece down to bare metal, and coat it with either an epoxy primer and weather resistant catalyzed urethane or electrostatic paint. The coatings and colors are updated, but we try to keep a kinship with the original look.

Even with all our tender loving care, this vintage furniture will not come to you perfect. We don’t want it to, in fact. It is not off an assembly line (at least not in the last 60-80 years!) being shipped from a factory. We want to send you its history, too. We want you to look at it and know it has seen life and use and is ready for more. We love the character of our furniture and try to preserve it. Therefore, you will find that some surface textures vary. There are sometimes shallow imperfections in the metal. Sometimes there are dents. Every once in a while a chair is not quite squared. We wonder if it was made that way or if it’s part of its story. These types of imperfections should be expected. If we feel it is necessary, we will mention the imperfection and show you a photograph. As long as we can make them sturdy, structurally sound and beautiful, we put them through our process and proudly offer them to our customers.

Our vintage furniture has been handled by many experts before you see it. From our sandblasters to our welders to our coaters to our upholsterer, our furniture goes through an extensive process of restoration before it is shipped to you. An amazing group of people makes this possible. We could not offer these beautiful pieces to you without their skill and dedication.