Things to Consider Before Buying a Vaping Pen

Vaping is one of the most thrill-filled habits. Indeed, the thrill of blissfully billowing out those clouds of smoke is only second to none. Plus, vaping is a safer alternative to smoking. One of the most common vaping accessories is a vape pen. Basically, a vape pen is what holds the pod containing your preferred e-liquid and the cotton-wick which absorbs the liquid.

Vape pens are designed differently in terms of the size of their coil as well as their ability to hold various sizes of pods. Therefore, there are certain things you need to look out for before getting the right vape pen. The following section highlights some of these considerations.



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How Frequently You Need To Vape


The first consideration when looking for an ideal vape pen is to determine how frequently you normally vape. In this regard, we have two types namely Session Vapes and On-demand Vape pens. Session vapes are more ideal for occasional vaping needs such as when you are out partying with your friends. This is because they are designed to heat up for a limited duration of time when you turn them on.


On the other hand, On-demand vapes are more ideal for vapors that crave for the sweet puffs more frequently. As they are used more frequently than their Session counterparts, On-demand vape pens are therefore designed to conserve more material. However, they are not ideal for group vaping and only efficient for those that vape alone.



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How the Vape Pens Work


Ideally, vape pens heat the e-liquid by means of convection or conduction. For conduction vape pens, the air is heated and then filtered through a certain chamber where it vaporizes the oil. Aside from producing amazing tastes, they are also known to produce higher-quality vapor. One drawback to convection vape pens is that they require regular cleaning. This is so as to prevent the contents from melting on the chamber, thereby clogging it or causing an unpleasant taste.


On the other hand, conduction vapes heat the liquid using an element that must be in contact with the oil. One advantage of using conduction vapes is that you can experiment with different temperatures. It is also cheaper than its convection counterparts.


Nicotine Form Design


There are vapors who prefer to have tinctures of nicotine in their vapes while others do not. If you do not mind having traces of nicotine in your vape, you could go for vape pens designed with nicotine salts. These salts mix with your e-liquids, dissolve in them and then bring out the desired nicotine taste. Also, unlike freebase nicotine that comes with most e-liquids, you will find that these nicotine salts do not leave any harsh sensations in your throat.



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The Battery Life


Most vape pens in Australia use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. How you use your vape pen, coupled with its size and power, will directly affect its durability.


But however reliable the batteries may appear, it is still advisable to have a spare battery at hand. This will make you avoid unpleasant surprises of having the power run out when you are blissfully puffing away.




There are obviously so many things to consider before getting a vape pen. Apart from the above considerations, you might also choose between a vape pen that is button-activated or one that automatically activates when you inhale.


So, when looking for the best vape pen in Australia, do your homework diligently and ensure you settle for what truly serves your vaping needs.