Eco-friendly cleaning services for Brisbane companies

Many commercial cleaning services use methods and substances that are harmful for humans and the environment. If you fear for your safey and are eco-conscious about who you hire for your business, employ the services of eco-friendly corporate cleaning Brisbane organisations trust.

Eco-friendly cleaning services values environmental sustainability and management. They don’t use cleaning agents that contain substances hazardous to nature. Moreover, they observe proper cleaning methods to avoid causing any harm to people. This makes them perfect to serve environmentally responsible companies like yours.

How eco-friendly commercial cleaning services avoid harming the environment
Eco-friendly commercial cleaning services Brisbane companies observe a few factors through their operations.

Eco-friendly cleaning agents

Many cleaning agents contain harmful chemicals. Eco-friendly cleaning services avoid the use of such cleaning agents to protect the environment and your employees. Instead, they use environment-friendly products.

Use of cleaning agents with low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) ratings
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are the biggest threat. These are ammonia, phosphorous and nitrogen, among other chemicals. VOCs are harmful compounds that easily evaporate in room temperature. This makes it harmful to the atmosphere.

If you have a restaurant, for example, VOCs can contaminate food and air. When your customers inhale a significant amount of them, they can cause irritation of the eyes, skin, nose, and throat. Depending on the chemical, it can also cause headache, fatigue, nausea, dizziness and shortness of breath.

For this reason, hire only commercial kitchen cleaning Brisbane services that use materials with low-VOC.

Avoidance of non-biodegradable chemical compounds

Eco-friendly cleaning services also avoid or reduce the use of non-biodegradable compound. These chemical substances don’t break down during water treatment process. Thus, it can reach nature through bodies of water. And many animals and plants could ingest such substances from their habitat.

Such substances stay inside the bodies of plants and animals, inevitably causing sickness. Moreover, humans can ingest such substances upon consumption of affected plants and animals.

Proper cleaning techniques and practices

Eco-friendly commercial and corporate cleaning Brisbane services also practice proper cleaning techniques. This is to prevent harmful chemicals from reaching the environment, especially when it’s necessary to use them. Visit City Property Services to learn more.

For example, these experts do not use aerosol spray. Instead, they prefer spraying cleaning agents on rags, so they can wipe it on a particular surface. It helps them avoid spreading VOC on the atmosphere. They use wet mops to control dust particles as well.

Eco-friendly cleaning services also practice systemic floor planning and mapping methods. This helps them clean an entire Brisbane establishment in a short amount of time. This reduces the use of electric energy, thus reducing carbon footprints as they do their job.

Proper waste disposal and wastewater management

Cleaning an establishment in Brisbane means dealing with a lot of trash afterwards. It also uses tons of water throughout the cleaning process. But an eco-friendly commercial and corporate cleaning Brisbane service assures efficient waste management.

They can efficiently segregate garbage for proper disposal and eliminate the amount of company trash that reaches the landfill. They send more recyclables to recycling plants as well.

In addition, these services conserve water by connecting to your drainage system, or properly drying-up water they use for proper treatment. This further reduces the amount of non-biodegradable compounds released to the environment.

The best company cleaning services promise environmental management and sustainability to you. Want to hire one for your office?

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