A food aficionado’s guide to starting a restaurant: Considerations when buying equipment

Let’s face it. Entrepreneurship is challenging, more so if you’ve chosen the restaurant business wherein you need to account for a lot of things, including the menu, suppliers, and food preparation. On top of these, you also need to purchase the right kitchen equipment, such as a commercial gas burner, oven, and steamer, to ensure your foods are prepared and cooked well.

Aside from other expenses, many restaurateurs usually talk about how the equipment and kitchen supplies eat a large chunk in their start-up budget. But, there’s actually a way to maximise your budget for the equipment. The first step is looking into the following considerations:

  1. Functionality and space efficiency

Opt for commercial grills, ovens, broilers, and burners that are easy to clean. Although you could be paying more for the purchase price, you won’t be required to spend more on cleaning in the long run.

Opt for supplies that stack and appliances that you can use in more ways than one. An overhead storage gives your chefs more legroom in the kitchen. Wall-mounted hooks where you can hang your utensils are also practical choices.

  1. Energy efficiency

You have to make sure you can handle a lot of cooking while keeping your energy consumption manageable. The key to achieve this is to choose equipment that are energy-efficient.

Choose a commercial gas burner that doesn’t consume phantom power. Opt for broilers, microwaves, and ovens that can be powered with solar panels. These equipment can help you keep your power demands low without compromising the quality of food.

  1. Longevity and reliability

If you’re planning to prepare international cuisine, source your equipment from a reliable supplier. For example, if you’d be serving Japanese foods, choose a durable commercal robata grills. Or, if you’re planning to serve Italian foods, opt for a bespoke pasta maker.

Find time to test the equipment to know if they can give you the results you expect. And, don’t forget to ask for a warranty and a comprehensive user’s manual to know how best to maintain these equipment.

  1. Design

Look into the design. Strive to achieve a suitable colour combination for your kitchen to create a good ambience for the chefs. Choose a commercial gas burner with a sleek and polished design, one that won’t get dirty easily. And most importantly, opt for supplies and equipment that are convenient to use to ensure your chefs can do their job efficiently.

Or, do you have a unique set of menu that can be prepared using your own unique kitchen equipment design? If you do, you may contact a bespoke kitchen equipment creator, such as Cookon, to create the design you have in mind.

Yes, skill matters a lot in the restaurant business. But the design, functionality, and durability of your commercial deep fryers, gas burners, ovens, and other equipment also contribute a lot to the efficiency, quality, and speed of food preparation. Remember, having the right equipment is one of the best ways to keep your chefs happy. Doing this allows them to keep serving food that entices customers to keep coming to your restaurant.