Vintage Metal Furniture-The Real Thing


While browsing the internet, I was noticing all the “knock-offs” on the market of the authentic vintage metal lawn furniture we restore here at Mulberry Street. I understand that there is a market for buying something inexpensive, taking it home and assembling it and having it last a few years, then replacing it. What we are doing here at Mulberry Street is something quite different. We are rescuing vintage lawn furniture that has been around for 60 or so years and restoring it to its original beauty without destroying its history.

We are keeping it out of landfills and dumps and placing it on porches and patios and in yards all over America. This steel furniture was designed and manufactured in America and it was made to last. And there is no assembly required!  shells-for-blog.jpgThe process our furniture goes through is not inexpensive. There is a lot of labor (all of love) on our part in finding and assessing the furniture and choosing coatings and fabrics. And on the part of the artisans who do the actual hands-on restoration. Then there are the upholsterers. There is the transportation from here to there and back again. It is a painstaking process involving many people and many decisions to try to bring you the most beautifully restored and durable vintage lawn furniture available. We here at Mulberry Street are proud of our product. We are happy that we can keep some talented workers busy while prolonging the life of this sturdy, beautiful furniture. We are pleased to offer it to you for your family to enjoy for generations to come while remembering the generations who have already had the pleasure. It is the real thing.