Vintage Metal Furniture-The Real Thing

While browsing the internet, I was noticing all the “knock-offs” on the market of the authentic vintage metal lawn furniture we restore here at Mulberry Street. I understand that there is a market for buying something inexpensive, taking it home and assembling it and having it last a few years, then replacing it. What we are doing here at Mulberry Street is something quite different. We are rescuing vintage lawn furniture that has been around for 60 or so years and restoring it to its original beauty without destroying its history.

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I Miss My Porch Glider

phil-in-the-sun.thumbnailI miss my time on our vintage porch glider. It has been soooo cold, even here in Charleston, SC, that I have only been enjoying our porches from the inside out. Going out to call the cats is about the extent of my porch life these days. But, it won’t be long until I’m back outside enjoying the beauty and comfort of our vintage porch furniture. The least bit of warmth will do the trick. Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking ahead about what I want to do new and exciting with Mulberry Street. Since porches and vintage porch furniture are my passions, I am starting another blog about them and everything related to them…fun, friends, events, relationships, nature, pets, and on and on. I don’t even know what all I’ll cover.

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