Vintage Metal Furniture-The Real Thing

While browsing the internet, I was noticing all the “knock-offs” on the market of the authentic vintage metal lawn furniture we restore here at Mulberry Street. I understand that there is a market for buying something inexpensive, taking it home and assembling it and having it last a few years, then replacing it. What we are doing here at Mulberry Street is something quite different. We are rescuing vintage lawn furniture that has been around for 60 or so years and restoring it to its original beauty without destroying its history.

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SOLD! Birmingham Stove and Range Company Glider SOLD!SOLD! Birmingham Stove and Range Company Glider SOLD!

What a jewel this is. It glides like silk. And what a color! A great neutral green that will blend in so many different settings.
This glider was manufactured by the Birmingham Stove and Range Company. There are several shallow creases on one side of the back that are noticeable mainly when the light catches them. This is furniture the grandchildren will be enjoying on their porches. The basketweave rocker and bouncer chairs are in this color also. Make an investment in your family now and for the future. The color is ICI gloss Khaki Green 830. Please inquire with zip code for a shipping estimate.

Dimensions 66”w x 28”d x31″h
Approximate Weight 120 lbs
Item GL110

Price: $1233.00

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