SOLD! Birmingham Stove and Range Company Glider SOLD!SOLD! Birmingham Stove and Range Company Glider SOLD!

What a jewel this is. It glides like silk. And what a color! A great neutral green that will blend in so many different settings.
This glider was manufactured by the Birmingham Stove and Range Company. There are several shallow creases on one side of the back that are noticeable mainly when the light catches them. This is furniture the grandchildren will be enjoying on their porches. The basketweave rocker and bouncer chairs are in this color also. Make an investment in your family now and for the future. The color is ICI gloss Khaki Green 830. Please inquire with zip code for a shipping estimate.

Dimensions 66”w x 28”d x31″h
Approximate Weight 120 lbs
Item GL110

Price: $1233.00

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Deco-Inspired Beauty

deco-glider-web.jpgWhen I first laid eyes on this beautiful vintage porch glider, I really had to use my imagination as I often do when deciding whether to purchase a piece or leave it to rust away. It’s always a hard decision to leave one. A friend, her husband and I literally had to dig this glider from the earth before we realized that it could not even stand on its own two feet. Had it not been for the deco-inspired stylized detailing, I may have left it there at the roadside junk yard where we found it near Asheville, NC. As it was, I had my doubts. But I decided that the missing horizontal support bar could easily be replaced and so the 3 of us loaded it into the pickup.

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