SOLD! Birmingham Stove and Range Company Glider SOLD!SOLD! Birmingham Stove and Range Company Glider SOLD!

What a jewel this is. It glides like silk. And what a color! A great neutral green that will blend in so many different settings.
This glider was manufactured by the Birmingham Stove and Range Company. There are several shallow creases on one side of the back that are noticeable mainly when the light catches them. This is furniture the grandchildren will be enjoying on their porches. The basketweave rocker and bouncer chairs are in this color also. Make an investment in your family now and for the future. The color is ICI gloss Khaki Green 830. Please inquire with zip code for a shipping estimate.

Dimensions 66”w x 28”d x31″h
Approximate Weight 120 lbs
Item GL110

Price: $1233.00

GL Sleeper

JR Bunting Glider/Sleeper

A nap on the sleeping porch. Remember the old beach houses with the sleeping porches designed to catch the ocean breeze in lieu of air conditioning? The kids will love this JR Bunting glider.
A glider by day, a bed at night…or at nap time. The back portion easily folds down onto 2 sturdy supports. Lift it, hook it up and voila, it’s a glider again. The beautifully detailed chocolate and cream vinyl custom cushions add another functional dimension…just wipe up spills. The scroll work at the bottom and the twisted support bands on the sides are 2 of the details that make this a unique, attractive piece. A lot of hand work was done in the manufacturing process to create the details of this aluminum glider. It is coated in Sherwin Williams Isle of Pines 6461. Please inquire with zip code for a shipping estimate.

Dimensions 83”w x 36”d x 35”h
Item GL123

Price: $2320.00


ST113 Glider

Special / Sale Price – Balsam Fir Slat Glider and Chair

his beautifully curved slat glider is paired with a matching lawn chair that belonged to a 94 year old retired mail carrier. It was his window on the world.
He watched the goings-on in his neighborhood from his front yard while enjoying the effortless movement of his green chair. When he died, his family put his chair out for the trash. Luckily, his neighbor rescued it and called me. We have restored both pieces and offer them to you to encourage you to slow down and enjoy the goings-on in your world. These pieces are coated in ICI gloss Balsam Fir 3070. Please inquire with zip code for a shipping estimate.

Dimensions Chair 21”w x 25”d x 33”h, Glider 60”w x 32”d x 27”h
Item ST113

Price: $1595.00
Price: $995.00


GL Canter. Vented

Canterbury Green Vented Glider

Honestly, it was hard not to keep this one for myself. Every time I sit on it I reconsider. But here it is, ready for you to enjoy in your home.
This steel glider is very substantial with beautiful deco-inspired details on the top of the arms and vents on the sides. You will absolutely love its luxurious feel. So will your friends and family. Talk about conducive to sitting and staying awhile. The fabric of the custom cushions has a random pattern of lines in shades of green and blue with touches of black and white. This glider should be enjoyed in a protected place. The fabric is not weather resistant. There is one metal band missing across the back that does not affect either the comfort or appearance of the glider. It is coated in ICI gloss Canterbury Green 1054. Please inquire with zip code for a shipping estimate.

Dimensions 76”w x 34”d x 30”h
Item GL122

Price: $2320.00


Deco Glider web

Botany Bay Deco Glider

This rare beauty is practically new again. The detail is so lovely and the color so luscious, it will be love at first sight every time you see it.
The back boasts an exquisite stylized swirling leaf pattern with some subtle deco lines, while the seat is a basketweave. The combination is so pleasing to the eye…and wait until you sit on it. The back supporting bands are a little wavy, but structurally sound, so we left the originals. Soothing color. Soothing movement. A must-have glider. These don’t come along often. Our Botany Bay Deco Bouncer (Item 151) is the same color. The coating is ICI gloss Botany Bay 1218. Please inquire with zip code for a shipping estimate.

Dimensions 64″w x 29″d x 33″h

Price: $1250.00